The Bad Kids

11/28/2018 in Category

by Romel Gibson

I had the bad kids. Yeah, my small group was made up of all the students no one else wanted to deal with.  I welcomed the challenge to lead this group even though JB, the... More

Conflict Resolved

11/28/2018 in Category

By Terrance Andrews

I walked into the school one day and found myself faced with John in conflict with his lifelong friend that “did him wrong.” John said, “I’m done with that fool!” So, we... More

Katie’s Story

11/20/2018 in Category

It was a simple comment that Katie made. “It’s not a good day.”  But it stuck with me. I could tell from our short exchange that something was going on in her life.  Possibly small, but maybe... More

Chris’ Story

11/20/2018 in Category

Chris is an 8th grader at Westlawn Middle School.  I had regularly seen Chris on campus but never had the opportunity to speak with him.  I got that opportunity during one of my weekly... More

Jaquez’s Story

11/20/2018 in Category

“If you hadn’t come to Central that day, I wouldn’t have met you.  If I hadn’t met you, I probably wouldn’t be a Christian right now.  I definitely wouldn’t be working with Campus... More