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Doing The Unspeakable

11/22/2019 in Category

Fighting against the tide of peer pressure, Devon did what must have seemed impossible. As his pack of friends headed off to class, Devon hung back to help move tables and chairs.

I met... More

He Just Said That Out Loud

11/22/2019 in Category

When students open up and share their deepest hurts, it sometimes surprises us. At a recent Campus Life meeting, a leader asked his group of students “what is one thing you would change about... More

These Kids Are Out of Control

11/22/2019 in Category

On each of the past four Wednesday mornings I, along with four of our other leaders, have had the opportunity to run a Campus Life club at an area middle school. Several dozen students from... More

The Last Kid I Ever Expected

11/22/2019 in Category

Nate was the last kid I ever expected to see that morning. But there he was running down the hallway of his middle school calling out to me “Hey Mister.” As turned I immediately recognized... More