Sarah’s Story

Posted on by Mike Green

by Faith Johnson May

“Can I go to church with you?”  

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to enter Central, Northridge, and Tuscaloosa County High School as YFC’s Parent Life Director. Many doors and opportunities have been presented to spend time and build authentic Christ-sharing relationships with the young and parenting mothers in these schools. One particular day Sarah, a 17 year old senior and mother of a three-year-old little girl and I had been hanging out after our meeting at her school when she randomly asked me “Can I go to church with you?” “Of course you can.” I immediately replied. As we sat in my office she began to tell me parts of her story. She shared with me how she went to church with her grandmother when she was younger and really enjoyed it, but never made a personal commitment to Christ. She told me how since she has moved in with her mom she is criticized for wanting to attend church or do anything “good” that would contradict their current lifestyle. Sarah told me how this frustrated her. She said she never could imagine herself being better than anyone else, but knew that there had to be more to life than her current situation. She said that she heard this scripture once before about how God wanted us to have life more abundantly. I smiled knowing she was referencing John 10:10, I quoted it for her. She instantly smiled “yep that’s it” she replied. Since that day Sarah and I have been attending church together at least twice a month. I am still pursuing and praying for that personal commitment and for Jesus to strengthen her with a Holy boldness to stand firm in what she believes is right. Please continue to pray for Sarah and the many girls like her that we will encounter as we move forward this semester.

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