“Mom, We Need to Go Back to Church”

November 16, 2023


Story written by Mike Green, Executive Director

“Mom, we need to go back to church.”

God moved in a unique way at one of our weekly gatherings with middle school students. We have been investing in this group of kids for nearly a year now. Some had made a commitment to Christ during the year; others were still on the fence. But they kept coming and we kept listening and sharing the hope of Christ. Then, last week rolled around. The students were unusually attentive during our club time and the Gospel was shared with clarity and conviction.  At the end of club, six students hung around with leaders as the other students dashed out the door for games and snacks. Each of the six said they had made a commitment to give their lives to Jesus. As a small group, we sat and talked about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. We provided them with a handout called “The Basics of Following Jesus.” They asked questions. Leaders shared heartfelt answers. It was beautiful.

Over the next hour, numerous leaders had one on one conversations with other students about faith in Christ. Kids asked more questions, shared their hearts and through tears even confessed sin. God was present. As the hour ended parents began to pick up their kids.

Allie was one of the six who indicated a desire to follow Christ that day. I was near the front door when Allie’s mom arrived. I greeted her and Allie quickly made her way towards her mom.  As Allie approached, I could see her digging into her pocket to retrieve something. Allie said to her mom “This is what we talked about today” and I could see that in her pocket was the “Basics of Following Jesus” handout. Unsure of her mom’s take on faith I quickly interjected “Yeah we talked about God’s story today” to give some context. Once Allie had successfully unfolded her crumpled handout she began to read aloud its contents. Her mom listened closely. Her mom seemed moved by what she was hearing.  As Allie finished another student needed my attention and I excused myself from the conversation. As I did, I heard Allie say to her mom “We need to go back to church.”  Her mom replied in the affirmative. It was a moving moment between a daughter and mom.

Moments like these are evidence of the mighty power of God to give life to young people’s stories and the stories of those around them. To read more about YFC’s phrase and way of life “3Story” click here.