Meet our Middle School Leaders

November 21, 2023


YFC serves hundreds of area middle schoolers through our Campus Life ministry. Our club directors are

Kennedy Grice – Hillcrest Middle

Sophie Turner – Duncanville Middle

Bryton Fowler – Northridge Middle

Alex Pfenenger – Echols Middle

Each director leads a team of volunteer ministry leaders to serve the students at their school.

To learn how you can join one of or teams please contact us at


Hillcrest Middle School

Kennedy Grice

Kennedy is planning to pursue a career in Social Work. She has always had a heart for students and loves being able to connect with them through an organization like Youth for Christ.

Echols Middle School

Alex Pfenenger

Alex's favorite part of YFC is going to meet students where they are at. In his words, "We aren't waiting for them to come to church, we bring the church to them!"

Duncanville Middle School

Sophie Turner

Sophie's favorite part about YFC is the opportunity to invest in young lives while also getting to know the kids personally. She considers it a blessing to serve the youth of Tuscaloosa and reach them with the Good News of the Gospel.

Northridge Middle School

Bryton Fowler

Bryton's favorite part of YFC is being able to go into a student's world and support them where they are. In his words, "These students are in a unique season of life where they are trying to balance school, family and friends, all while trying to figure out who they are." Bryton strives to be a mentor to the youth and point them to Jesus Christ.

We are thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness in this season. If you would like to join our Campus Life team, please email for hiring opportunities.